Branding Questionnaire

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  • This form is meant to guide you through a basic branding / strategic thinking process and tell the story of your non-profit's mission. The process will help your development and design team build the perfect site for you, so please take your time and work through this form thoroughly.

    Note: This section should take about half a day to complete. Ideally, the form will be completed in one sitting. Please be sure that all key stakeholders have provided their input/approval before finalizing the information given in this process.

    If you need to save and come back to it, you can do so through the link at the bottom of the page. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully.
  • Branding is a vital conversation. The essence of the question of brand is, “What is your message?” In the interest of making the dialog about your company as rich as possible, it is important to understand your brand and how it resonates with your audience.

    This is what we need to discover through the following questions.
Should you have questions about filling out these questions, please reach out to your designated Project Manager.

  • Corporate Identity

  • Company Mission

    As you answer each of the following questions, you may notice they seem very similar to each other. The purpose of this is to refine the process of determining your unique and specific brand.
  • Why: A brand is perceived by consumers like a person. You trust them, you communicate with them through advertising and purchase, you get disappointed by them, etc. The identity you're designing is the face of that person.

    Once you've answered the question, then list what attributes match those of your brand.
  • Why ask: This is what you have to portray in your new identity to reach your audience. Example: We want to be seen as a company with traditional values but using the latest technology and materials. / We need to be perceived as a professional organization you can trust with self-defense training.
  • (hex or Pantone (PMS) or Brand Standards
    Accepted file types: png, eps, pdf, ai.
  • Example: We must use orange because…
  • Example: Do not use green or purple because…
  • Please upload a high resolution photo (width should be a minimum of 500 pixels). Ask your PM for assistance, if needed.
    Accepted file types: png, eps, pdf, ai.
  • Company Point of Contact

    This is the information for the person that will act as the single point of contact for your organization for the remainder of this project.