More Music for Everyone

New and growing music programs in your community need your support.

Vega's mission is to make music education accessible to all students, especially those in schools with underfunded programs and whose families cannot afford the cost of renting or purchasing a musical instrument of their own.

During the past decade, Vega has provided more than 30,000 students with the opportunity to participate in music and art education programs across the state of Minnesota. We believe that a quality music and art education are integral parts of a whole curriculum and that students benefit tremendously from these programs.

We pursue this mission through our flagship program, Instruments in the Cloud.

Connecting Supporters with Music Programs in Need

Instruments in the Cloud is an online giving platform that helps people donate musical instruments, gear, and dollars directly to music programs in their community.

For teachers, Instruments in the Cloud is a free resource that makes it easy to quickly communicate program needs. 

The dynamic database created by these lists makes it easy for donors to help music programs that really need the instrument they're giving away. 

Hello, Donors!

Would you like to support a music program near you?

Hello, Teachers!

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